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Northfield is an amazing area in the South West of Birmingham city which is very inviting for its beauty and liveliness. Northfield boasts amazing developments and it has seen major growth over the years. One of the thriving businesses here is limo hire. Across the UK, limos have become a vital inclusion of day to day activities and events throughout the entire year. Limos are no longer viewed as a luxury for the affluent families, but can now be appreciated by all. In Northfield, the populace has embraced limo hire like a duck on water.

Northfield is home to a variety of limo hire companies and as a result, the clients are the ultimate beneficiaries as they are able to obtain cheap but absolutely professional limo hire services. The limos are specially designed to live one asking for more after the first ride.

There is a wide variety of limousines available for hire in Northfield. They range from the most sought after Hummer variety to alternative choices of the BMW X5 limo, the Porsche Cayenne, the Lincoln Navigator limo, the Ford Excursion limo and the Range Rover limo. Some clients also opt for the white stretch limos that have graced the limo hire business for a long time.

All of these limos and many more style up many occasions in and around Northfield all year through. Some of the events that are synonymous with limo hire include prom parties that have all types of limos hired many months in advance. The Pink Hummer limo is a favourite for these parties. Its elegance is most definitely the most appealing feature. It oozes a stylish entrance to a prom party and stands out because of its striking colour and the fact that it still has the stamina of other Hummer limos. Other events that limos are hired for include funerals, sports events and religious events.

Visitors to Northfield have also embraced the limo hire culture. Limo hire for airport transfers is very common while some of the visitors also opt to go to restaurants and pubs with limos, not minding to part with an extra fee to explore Northfield in style and great comfort.

Besides the common amenities like schools, churches and a good road connecting its people to the city of Birmingham, North field is home to the widely known Rover car factory as well as shopping malls. Visitors hire limos on their shopping sprees too while limo hire for sight seeing in and around this area is also very common.

Generally, limo hire here is very vibrant. Yearly events particularly draw massive bookings, like the religious events like Christmas, Diwali limos and Eid. As a result, customers are advised to book their desired limos early enough because booking at the last minute may lead to disappointment as the limo of choice may already have been taken. The cost of hiring a limo in Northfield is fair as hire companies ensure that they make hummer limousine hire available to all. However, prices are always likely to go up during major events and especially during weekends. Weekdays are however more convenient for those customers who can hold their events then.

The services are top notch and the comfort of a hastle free ride is always worth that extra cost. The companies are also very accommodating, taking personal requests from their customers.


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