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Limo hire Birmingham is huge as it is the second largest city in the United Kingdom and is home to many suburbs. One of these suburbs is Moseley. This is a suburb located approximately three kilometres south of the city centre. Moseley has experienced growth and establishments of many restaurants, pubs, boutiques and bars. It also boasts many schools and colleges and this means that social events are no doubt bound to take place here. Limousine hiring has been boosted by many of these events that happen here.

The populace here has developed an appetite for modern mode of transport and this has made many occupants and foreign investors to take interest in limousine hiring. Gone are the days when limos were for the aristocrats and the Royal Family. Nowadays, limos have become cheaper and affordable for all. Cheap limos have an equally comfortable ride just like the expensive ones.

Some of the limos on hire in this suburb range from old models to new ones. The new models include the Range Rover limo hire, Porsche Cayenne, Hummer H3, BMW X5, Jeep Expedition, Ford Excursion and Lincoln Navigator. All of these limos are SUVs and are very suitable for excursions and tours. There are others like the Lincoln Millennium and the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley among others which are not SUVs but give the best of service.

The Lincoln Navigator is a massive vehicle that is available in various colours like black, silver and red. It has tinted windows like the rest of the limos and very eye catching chrome rims that are 24 inches. These give the Lincoln a superb exterior look. In addition to the superb look, this machine has a very incredible interior. There is a laser light show with two TVs and a DVD player system. The ceiling is made of five metre long mirrors and an unbelievable two thousand five hundred feet of fibre optic lighting! The music system in this limo is flawless. It is fitted with a state of the art stereo system that provides quality surround sound. The limo has so much room in it that it can carry up to twenty six passengers. There is also a fully stocked bar and a moon roof. These features are also to be found in other limos.

Many events require different colours to go well with them. There are annual affairs that take place here like Christmas, New Year’s Eve limousines, Ramadan and Easter holiday limos. Since this is a densely populated suburb, many other events take place around here throughout the year and these include airport transfer limo hire, stag nights, hen parties and school prom limos. Airport transfers are some of the common events where limos are hired. This is because of the comfort they offer and anybody travelling will normally want to have a relaxing ride from the airport to where they reside and back. If you are a businessman, why don’t you impress your client by hiring a limo for them? This will give your business a good name. You can also have a private meeting in one of these limos as they will provide you with the much needed privacy.

The chauffeurs in these limos are competent and so you have nothing to worry about when you hire one of these darlings. They will also take you to wherever you want to go. Hire one and enjoy the ride.


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