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Kings Heath limo hire

Kings Norton is one of the smallest towns in Birmingham in the west midlands of England. It has a population of 20,729.The town is named after a king who reigned during the period of north farmland or settllement.The town is home to the worlds most famous manufactures Triplex and this makes it more famous. Despite being a small town, it does attract tourists due to its natural and beautiful sceneries. It also has a park known as the Kings Norton Park that makes the place irresistible to tour. Estates that are well built and secure to live in are found in this town. They include Pool Farm, Primrose and Hawkesley. Transport is smooth in this place both railway and road and this makes the town a convenient place to live. This town has hotels and bars where one can relax. All this is crowned by hiring the limo of your choice because they will take you to your favorite destination in style.

Kings Heath limousine hire

The town has a number of fancy limos for hire that include the Ferrari limo mostly preferred by the ‘empty nesters’. There is also the Rolls Royce Phantom which is a stylish and newest limo equipped with the latest technology you would not believe. Another is the 8 wheeler Hummer limo which is very luxurious. Others include the Range Rover sport limo, the Audi Q7 limo, the Porsche Cayenne limo and the BMW X5 limo.

limo hire Kings Heath

The BMW X5 limo is the darling in this town. It comes with superb chrome alloy rims with a sleek modern design and a smooth elegant touch that speaks of luxury. It is available in three colours including black, silver and white. The BMW has features that make it more luxurious and is preferable when one does not want to pay high prices. Such features include a flat screen TV, DVD, a fully stocked bar with all the choice drinks and wines and mood lighting. It is spacious enough with a 10 people seating capacity, fibre optics and neon lights.

Going to conferences and important meetings with a limo of your choice is the most memorable ride. You can hire a limo like the Ferrari limo and carry most of your guests. One can even hold a meeting in this limo because it is spacious. You do not have to struggle booking halls to hold meeting because the limo gives it all.

limousine hire Kings Heath

A birthday party is one that everyone always wants to remember and celebrate every year. Worry not how you are going to do it because the 8 wheel hummer limo or the BMW X5 limo hire in Kings Norton will work out the magic. This limo will give all the fun you need in a birthday party. The dance floor is spacious in such a way that friends can enjoy the music and dance comfortably to the sweet charming melodies. The drinks are available depending on your choice. Check it out next time you want to celebrate and hire the limo and you will not be disappointed. Limos can also be used when going out for hen nights, stag night limos where you can have all the fun.

There is the old grammar school which is well known in this town. After completing your studies, you can hire a limo and enjoy with friends as you mark the last day in the school.