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Washwood Heath limo hire

In the north east of Birmingham lies this beautiful ward known as Washwood Heath. It is within the formal district of Hodge Hill in England. Washwood Heath covers the areas of Birmingham city centre that lies between Nechells, Bordesley Green, Stretcford and Hodge Hill. The ward has a population of 27,822.Initially it was an Irish community area though in recent times it has had a large Asian community. It is a home to Washwood Heath Technology College and various areas of interest like Addereley Park, Addereley Park railway station and Wheels Adventure Park.

Washwood Heath limousine hire

Limo hire in Washwood Heath is so popular that if you want to hire a limo, you would better hurry before you miss out. The rate at which they are hired especially during the weekends is very high. The Baby Bentley limo is the most famous in this town. This limo is available in many smart colours which include white, pearl cream, silver, black and for the ladies, there is the shockwave apple candy Baby Bentley which comes in a unique red hue or pink limousine hire. This limo has well fitted interior features that makes you feel like you were in paradise. The ceilings are mirrored and you can clearly admire yourself as you dance to the sweet melodies. It has disco lights, plasma TV, built in DVD and a bar stocked with all the fancy wines and soft drinks. Other limos in Washwood are the Pink Hummer, the Range Rover limo, the stunning Audi Q7 limo, the Porsche Cayenne, the BMW X5 and the Party bus limo.

With the availability of limo hire in this town, the atmosphere in your weeding could be different. You can have a choice to pick from a range of limousines like the pink limo. Depending on the type of wedding, limo operators in Washwood Heath can decorate the limo with flowers and ribbons of your choice. If you are planning to have the wedding in a reception hall, the limo will comfortably take the family members and friends together with the limo for the bride because it’s spacious enough.

limo hire Washwood Heath

Are you the type that is madly in love with hen night limos? The Baby Bentley limo is the limo for this occasion. This limo will chauffeur you around to wherever you would like to go be it in night clubs or dance halls. This limo offers free drinks and wines.

For those that are just about to go forth and have a great holiday or relax in the beach, you can hire a Range Rover sport limousine that will chauffer you to the airport and you can bring friends and family members. This can be an experience for all to cherish.

limousine hire Washwood Heath

Having family relationship problems? You can hire a limo as you make most out of the relationship. If you want to go out for meals in a great limo to a restaurant or a dinner date, hire a limo. The limos provide alcoholic and soft drinks and roses to make the day more romantic.

Limos in Washwood Heath can also be hired to attend sporting activities. When you want to watch a cup final between certain teams, you definitely want to be there in style. Stepping in to the stadium in one of these stunning limos will bring the whole stadium to a standstill and after the great event, the limo will chauffer you back as you relax. Other events that limos can be hired for are stag nights and school prom limo hire. Don’t miss out to hire a limo for one of these occasions.